August 15, 2011

De Gruyter Saur and IFLA: a new Open Access agreement

In a common effort to promote the work of IFLA, De Gruyter Saur is making sixteen IFLA Publications available in Open Access over its online platform Reference Global.

IFLA Publications available in Open Access from August 2011:

IP 147 - IFLA Public Library Service Guidelines (2010)
Ed. by Christie Koontz & Barbara Gubbin

IP 144 - Social Science Libraries (2010)
Ed. by Steve W. Witt & Lynne M. Rudasill

IP 141 - The History and Cultural Heritage of Chinese Calligraphy, Printing and Library Work (2010)
Ed. by Susan M. Allen, Lin Zuzao, Cheng Xiaolan, & Jan Bos

IP 140 - Guidelines for Legislative Libraries (2009)
Ed. by Keith Cuninghame

IP 139 - Strategies for Regenerating the Library and Information Profession (2009)
Ed. by Jana Varlejs & Graham Walton

IP 138 - Library Statistics for the Twenty-First Century World (2009)
Ed. by Michael Heaney

IP 136/137 - Global Library and Information Science (2009)
Ed. by Ismail Abdullahi

IP 134 - Libraries and Information Services towards the Attainment of the UN Millennium Development Goals (2008)
Ed. by Benson Njobvu & Sjoerd Koopman

IP 132 - Managing Technologies and Automated Library Systems in Developing Countries: Open Source vs Commercial Options (2008)
Ed. by Bernard Dione & Réjean Savard

IP 127 - Measuring Quality (2007)
Ed. by Roswitha Poll & Peter te Boekhorst

IP 126 - Continuing Professional Development: Pathways to Leadership in the Library and Information World (2007)
Ed. by Ann Ritchie & Clare Walker

IP 123 - Changing Roles of NGOs in the Creation, Storage, and Dissemination of Information in Developing Countries (2006)
Ed. by Steve W. Witt

IP 120/121 - Management, Marketing and Promotion of Library Services Based on Statistics, Analyses and Evaluation (2006)
Ed. by Trine Kolderup Flaten

IP 10 - IFLA's First Fifty Years (1977)
Ed. by Willem R. H. Koops & Joachim Wieder

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